Facebook Ads Pricing

Implementation and complete management of your Facebook ad campaigns. Check out the pricing below.

Answers to Your Questions

What is included in your setup fee?

During the first month, we charge a one-time fee to cover the initial costs for setting up your campaigns. According to your plan we create up to ten campaigns with different ad sets and two ad variations. Each month we are taking care of the Facebook cover picture and one promoted post (without the copywriting). Creating and managing the Facebook page itself is not included in the pricing. This service is upon request.

How to calculate the cost of service?

We offer three different types of pricing according to your advertising budget. If you are willing to spend, let’s say, 1000 EUR/month, it means that you fit in our second plan “F-Performance”. In addition to your budget, which you pay directly to Facebook, you will be charged a fixed price of 149 EUR plus 12% from your ad spent (120 EUR). This equals 269 EUR in total as our commission per month. You will be also asked to sign a 6-month contract.

Which marketing tags and pixels do you implement?

We add Google Analytics tracking to your website, Google Enhanced Ecommerce, Google Ads (Adwords) conversions and Facebook Pixel. All tags are set up and managed via Google Tag Manager. These tags track specific actions and events people take on your website like Purchase and Add to cart. We also set up an account in Google Search Console which helps you measure your site’s Search traffic and performance. XML product feeds are generated for your advertising campaigns, including Facebook Catalog Sales and Google Shopping.

I want to launch a Google ads campaign as well.

No worries.  Many advertisers think the same way. They know that Google and Facebook ads networks should work together to get better results. Check out our Google Ads pricing and get 50% off the initial monthly package price if you decide to try both networks. 

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